I am currently in charge of the Search Experience at @WalmartLabs. Prior to that, I was in charge of the Data Science team for Category Development at @WalmartLabs, where I joined after Adchemy was acquired by @WalmartLabs in the Spring of 2014. I spent four and a half years at Adchemy developing data products for lead generation and paid search advertising.

I have been very fortunate to work closely with Professor Shie Mannor from the Technion while at Stanford, Adchemy, and now at @WalmartLabs.

Prior to that, I completed my Ph.D. at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University, under the supervision of Professor Ramesh Johari. During my years at Stanford, I worked on several topics including network formation games, stable matchings in social networks and local search problems. Broadly speaking, my research interests lie at the intersection of algorithmic game theory, network theory and economic equilibrium theory.